Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to be physically fit, male and over 50 ?
Quite simply, no to all three. If you can kick a ball, then you can play.

My skill level may be different to other players, will I fit in ?
Club members come from a variety of backgrounds, some have been professional players, others have never kicked a ball before. All shapes and sizes fit !

Do I need to become a member ?
Ideally yes. You can print the membership application (on the left), fill it in and bring it with you to a session. We are interested in how to contact you and what to do in case of an emergency. Currently membership is free and has been since the formation of the club a few years ago.

Is there a Walking Football league ?
Yes there is. Essex has three leagues: Over 50's, Over 60's and Over 65's, older players can (by definition) play in more than one league.

Is there a Walking Football season ?
There is no Walking Football season as such. The Essex leagues start at the end of February, but there are events and tournaments throughout the year, with summer being the most popular time.

Do I need shin pads to play ?
The Club recommends that you wear them for your own safety during practice sessions. However they are compulsory when playing against other teams in tournaments and league matches.

I wear glasses, do I wear them or not ?
Some players need their glasses and there is an element of risk involved. However the club is unaware of any related injuries within the Walking Football network.

Are there football sessions during holiday periods ?
All sessions run normally but may not if it's a bank holiday, when we may poll members. In the event of a bank holiday cancellation, members are informed well in advance.

What if the weather is bad ?
If there is a chance of a layer of snow, a pitch assessment is carried out a few hours before a session. Should the club decide to make changes, such as cancellation or moving the session indoors, members are informed ASAP. It's feasible for a session to be abandoned because of the weather, such as air to ground lightening, but unlikely.

We are located at:

Clements Hall Sports Centre

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